Bellini opera fragment found in Spain

Spain’s national library has discovered a rare fragment of an opera score handwritten by 19th century Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini lying within its archives.

The single page of manuscript shows an outline of seven bars of notes from a duet in the opera Il Pirata (The Pirate) which had its debut in Milan’s La Scala on October 27, 1827, the National Library of Spain said.

The manuscript by Bellini (1801-1835) has annotations at the bottom of the page and a phrase written in the right-hand margin: “Manuscript of Vincenzo Bellini and his brothers Mario and Carmelo”.

The phrase was a form of authentication commonly found on manuscripts sought after by 19th century collectors of “relics” of the most memorable composers, the library said in a statement.

The newly discovered Bellini manuscript was unusual because the notes did not correspond exactly to the final score, although there were barely any changes, it said.

“This rarity makes it of even more interest from a musicological point of view,” the library said.

The fragment was discovered after the library’s catalogue service requested the identification of a “sheet of music bound in an album of 19th century photographs and drawings with landscapes of Malta and Sicily”.

Born in Catania, Sicily, Bellini is said to have composed his first pieces at six years old. He wrote sacred and chamber music but his greatest popular successes came with operas such as Il Pirata, La Straniera (1828) and his most famous work Norma (1831).

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Bust ‘em up with Bullmax 

NINE years agoBigga man Jason Della opened JD’s Hardware and Rural Supplies in Crookwell.

Within 18 monthshe was taking up two shop fronts in the main street.

He then steppedit up another notch and opened another outlet in the town of Boorowa.

During that timehe has proved himself to be one of the regions successful young entrepreneurswith the right amount of aggression and flair it takes to make it in thecompetitive rural retail sector.

His most recentaccomplishment is the introduction of the Bullmax log splitter.

Initially Jasonhad a sample log splitter shipped in from China. It then got a work out when itwas field tested onAustralian hardwood by local farmers.

“Jim and JohnWilliams from Thalaba were the first to give it a run,” said Jason.

“I think we usedthe hardest wood we could find on the property, she was certainly tough!

“Gary Herd andChris Croker also gave it a trial on some of their hardwood.

“With theseblokes testing it on real Australian wood, we were able to see exactly whatneeded to be changed or added to the machine to make it the perfect logsplitter for Australian wood,” he said.

The splitter wasthen redesigned and engineered to adapt and deal with tough Australianhardwood.

This is whatmakes this splitter different to the standard Chinese import.

From the initialfield-testing, several improvements were made and, in the end, a better machinewas built.

Jason, with hisinitiative, may have ended up with what may be the perfect log splitter for Australianhardwood.

The Bullmax logsplitter has a lot more features, a lot more steel, and the biggest petrolengine available at 15HP.

It features anelectric key start, battery, strong reinforced cutting blade cover, strongerreinforced base plate, reinforced pivot point, biggest ramavailable at 45ton, and two tray tables.

It can beoperated in either vertical or horizontal position.

These are justsome of the features that make this machine stand out from the rest.

“Basically allthe other machines in the market are a standard designfrom a Chinesefactory,” said Jason.

“We took that asa starting design and then madeimprovements and strengthened severalareas.

“So it is a farstronger machine”.

Right now theBullmax log splitter can be purchased for just $1695. That’s $200 off therecommended retail price.

“Next year Ipredict you would pay over $2000 for the same sort of machine,” said Jason.

“This isdefinitely the time to buy the best log splitter out there.”

The Bullmax logsplitter can be ordered and picked up at locations in Crookwell, Goulburn,Southern Highlands and Wagga.

Contact 48321906for more information or to organise your new log splitter today.

Jason Della of JD’s Hardware and Rural Supplies with his customised log splitter specially redesigned to suit Australian hardwood

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Kenya through a camera lens 

A CHARITY exhibition will be held next month to showcase the experiences of Goulburn-raised photographer Clare Stephens in Kenya.

In June, Ms Stephens ventured to Kenya to photograph the work of local charity Suluhisho Trust, founded by friend and former Marion College peer Jacinta Ojwang.

Inspired from a bout of wanderlust, a drive to just “do something” led to her initial contact with the Trust.

“I just had this thing where I wanted to go and do something and so I rang her (Jacinta) and I said ‘oh you know is there any need for me to come over?’” Ms Stephens told the Post.

“I just went with the sole intention of just photographing what she is doing over there… I thought that what I’d be photographing would be the children and their stories.

“But I kind of found that for me the sadder stories were about the adults and how they couldn’t find work and how they couldn’t look after their own families.

“Some of the kids that Jacinta looks after aren’t orphans it’s just their parents can’t look after them… that’s where she’s different from all the orphanages over there because they are all reliant on donations where as she wants to build a selfsustainable village so she can help them help themselves.”

The photos from her journey will be on-show to promote the work of Suluhisho. ‘The audacity of hope: a tale of contrasts’ exhibition night will take place on October 3 at 6:30pm and will include a combination of portraits and Kenyan landscape photos.

“My photographs reflect the contrasts of Kenya – between children who are cared for and those living on the streets; between men with jobs and a purpose and those struggling to survive; between the squalor and chaos of the slums and the beauty and serenity of the African landscape.”

Tickets are $20 and are available from www.trybooking苏州美甲美睫培训/DOIK.

Tickets include champagne or beer on arrival and canapés throughout and proceeds will go to Suluhisho Trust.

There will be entertainment on the night as well as the opportunity to view pieces by Kenyan artist Coster Ojwang, handmade jewellery and to inquire about the charity.

An example of the work on show at The Audacity of Hope exhibition. Photo: Clare Stephens

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SES puts new harness to the test

Young SES volunteers were recently out testing their new and improved roof harness equipment so they have it down pat in time for storm season.

The new equipment, that is more modern compared to their old roof harness, includes a full body harness with padding, rockers (connecting the person to the rope) and senders which are mechanical devices on the end of the main line used for lowering roof crew in case of an accident.

It also has three anchor points as opposed to one on the old harness and is more comfortable for females.

It will allow the volunteers to be lifted vertically, walk freely on a roof and will lock like a seat belt when jolted if they slip.

“OH and S ruling says that no one can go higher than two metres or within two metres of falling without a harness,” Young SES deputy local controller Barrie Miller said.

The new equipment will be used on roof jobs in a storm or anything SES volunteers are within that two metre rule.

The old sit harness used to wrap around the legs and waist which, in the worst case scenario of someone slipping, caused the user to tip upside down and fall out or have circulation in the legs cut off.

“With the new ones, that won’t happen,” Barrie said.

“As an extra safety precaution, they’re tying a knot in the rope if ever there was case of the lock failing,” he said.

ROAD TEST: Young SES volunteers Bec Sheaff and Jamie Britt test the new roof harness equipment at the SES station in Rockdale Road. (sesequip1-18)

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Dragging the chain on toilet facilities

I READ with interest your paper’s listing of our council members’ aims for the next 12 months.

Not one mentioned additional public toilets, particularly those for tourists entering our city from any direction.

Obviously these people do not travel our wide brown land by road and observe how other towns and cities provide for tourists. Some of these towns are so small they don’t even appear on a road map.

It’s time this long overdue project was prioritised.

Allister Kable,


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School holiday fun set to kick off

A Chemistry and Science of Sound Show at the Soldiers Memorial Club kicks off a big week of activities in the community for the school holiday break. Monday’s event is from 10am.

On Tuesday there is a fun introduction to belly dancing along with a smiles Mental Health awareness event at the Real Hope Church.

Wednesday Mosaic Madness from 10am at WINS and a cartooning workshop at the Macquarie Regional Library from 2pm.

Booking are essential through communities for children co-ordinator Maree Thomas at the council.

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‘Bogan’ mayor risk 

GOULBURN Mulwaree ratepayers have been denied a say on how to elect the mayor.

“If we have a mayor who’s been elected with a huge mandate but can’t work with council, you have a problem,” Cr Sam Rowland told Tuesday night’s meeting.

“You also run the risk of a getting a bogan, houso mayor if you have a popular vote.”

Although his comments were met with laughter, it seems they struck a chord.

All nine councillors gave the current mayoral election system the thumbs up while quashing prospects of a referendum on the issue.

“When a mayor has councillors’ support, you have a working council,” Margaret O’Neill, herself a former mayor, told colleagues.

Presently ratepayers elect their nine councillors who in turn appoint a mayor and deputy. That process won’t change anytime soon.

Discussion on the matter came only minutes after councillors carried out that very procedure.

“You also run the risk of getting a bogan, houso mayor if you have a popular vote.”Cr Sam Rowlands

Geoff Kettle was returned as mayor for another year, unopposed. So too was deputy mayor Bob Kirk.

Their decision runs against the Future Directions for NSW Local Government paper released in April by the Independent Local Government Review Panel which concluded that: “mayors of councils with a population greater than 20,000 should all be popularly elected.”

Councillors’ unanimous view on Tuesday night wasn’t shared entirely across the local government area.

“I still think it is wrong that I do not get a say on who becomes mayor,” Jamie Buck wrote on the Goulburn Post’s Facebook page.

“Given that GMC has been plagued by poor decision making and nepotism for at least 40 years, one would think the people should elect the mayor.”

“That is so wrong,” Trish Cunningham added.

“They have denied the community their right to choose.”

Paul Agius used the social media platform to suggest an out-of-the-box alternative.

“Another way is to not have a mayor and simply have equal councillors who attend functions they are available to attend,” he wrote.

“This could be handled by the manager’s secretary.”

The cost of conducting such a referendum is estimated at $140,000. That fee was not discussed on Tuesday.

A popularly elected mayor isn’t a foreign concept to Goulburn.

A referendum by the former Goulburn City Council in 2004 endorsed the concept.

The subsequent amalgamation with Mulwaree Shire, however, voided its outcome.

As it stands, all three councillors to have served as mayor in the Goulburn Mulwaree era were indirectly anointed by ratepayers.

Paul Stephenson topped the primary count in 2004; his successor, Carol James, secured more first preference votes than any rival candidate in 2008; and the incumbent Cr Kettle scored 28 per cent of the vote last year.

Tuesday’s meeting also drew a line through any foreseeable changes to the number of Goulburn Mulwaree councillors.

“The reason speaks for itself. Having nine councillors works,” Margaret O’Neill said in opposition to the concept of another referendum.

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Who is our top employee, put your thinking cap on

“People are quick to complain about bad service, but this is a chance to recognise the fantastic service found in town.”

And, with that sentiment, Muswellbrook Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) vice-president De-anne Douglas is urging everyone to get involved in the Muswellbrook Chronicle Employee of the Year competition.

“It’s not closed off – it is as broad as the community,” she said.

“It doesn’t have to be big business – and not just retail, it can be any type of business.

“This is also an opportunity for employers to nominate their staff.”

Nominations will open soon, and Ms Douglas is encouraging everyone to think about who they can acknowledge.

Whether it’s the person who installed your air-conditioner, a staff member who has gone above and beyond their job description or the waiter who always greets you with a smile – they can all be nominated.

Then it is onto the community to vote; and share in the recognition process.

Each month, starting from October, the votes will be counted and an Employee of the Month will be named.

Every monthly winner will receive $125 and automatically go in the draw for the Employee of the Year crown, which is announced at the MCCI Business Awards on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

The top prize is $500, while the employer of the overall winner will also receive an advertising package with the Chronicle.

“I also encourage people to consider nominating for the business awards – they will open later in the year,” Ms Douglas said.

FITTING RECOGNITION: Muswellbrook Chamber of Commerce and Industry vice- president De-anne Douglas is encouraging residents like Diane Wither (right) to nominate people who provide great customer service for the Muswellbrook Chronicle Employee of the Year – like Amanda Wilton (left) from La Bella Beauty Salon.

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Farming pedigree lands key chairman’s position

A descendant of one of Australia’s first farmers has been appointed the inaugural chairman of the Local Land Services (LLS) Board of Chairs.

Camden-based John Macarthur-Stanham hopes his extensive business credentials will help him guide the LLS into becoming a valuable service for farmers across the State.

“My first priority will be to meet with farmers and stakeholders, listen to what they have to say and build on their feedback to create an effective organisation that works and delivers,” he said.

The LLS – a merger of Livestock Health and Pest Authorities (LHPA), Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) and some Department of Primary Industries (DPI) agriculture advisory services – is due to come into effect in January.

Mr Macarthur-Stanham (pictured) admitted he had little prior knowledge of the previous government agencies being subsumed into the LLS, but said he saw this as a positive.

“I don’t have any baggage from the previous organisations,” he said.

Mr Macarthur-Stanham has held senior positions and directorships including appointments with Dairy Farmers Milk Co-operative, CSR, Sugar Australia, Sydney Catchment Authority and The Trust Company, and he runs a dairy farm and poultry operation near Camden.

The dairy produces about two million litres of milk per year.

Mr Macarthur-Stanham said he was taking on the chair of the LLS Board of Chairs role in a part-time capacity, and would work towards the 11 regional boards being able to make their own decisions with limited input from head office.

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Busy time of year for everyone

What a great time of the year it is and fortunately due to that much-needed rain arriving on queue spring looks set to be one of our best for a while.

There is much on the town’s calendar to keep us all busy and entertained across the coming months: SpringFest, sporting events and some lovely open gardens to name but a few.

It has also been a busy time for your council with a number of major issues being debated. In late August council received some initial detail on the Cobbora Compensation Fund.

This fund has been established by the State Government and follows its decision not to develop the Cobbora coal mine.

A quantum of some $20 million has been set aside for infrastructure projects to be shared between ourselves, Warrumbugle, Dubbo and Mid-Western councils.

We will be attending a meeting in early October with Troy Grant, chairman of the fund, where we expect to be briefed on the sort of projects we can seek grant funding for.

With that in mind council has a number projects we are working on where additional funding would be most welcome.

The CBD beautification, swimming pool upgrade and Caves are areas we are concentrating.

There is also a developing need to consider other options such as our sporting grounds.

You would have heard there are major safety concerns with the Rygate tennis building to the extent that council has had to close the building to public access.

Council, in consultation with sporting groups, will now need to consider a way forward for the Rygate precinct. Unfortunately crumbling infrastructure such as this is beginning to hurt us. Council recognises the importance of sport to the community and the need to have good quality facilities.

I am confident a good outcome at Rygate can be achieved if we all work together.

In early September we signed an in-principle agreement with Cobbora Holding Company which will see them fund the completion of MR353, a cost of some $4.6 million.

The funds are conditional upon the mine being approved by both State and Federal Governments which we are hoping will occur early in the new year.

The completion of this vitally important regional road will be a potential boost to our local economy as well as freeing up much-needed road funding for other areas within the LGA.

Earlier this week it gave me great pleasure to announce the Wellington Council Scholarship program in partnership with Charles Stuart University.

This is where a student, residing in the Wellington LGA and who has completed most of their schooling in Wellington, can apply for a $3000 scholarship to help them with the financial strain of going to university.

In making the announcement I spoke with some 60 year 12 and 11 students at Wellington High School about this exciting opportunity. Good luck to year 12 with their HSC exams!

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your support during my period as mayor. It’s been a great experience for me personally, one which I have enjoyed very much.

I think we have much to look forward to in the future. The possibility of making some much overdue improvements to our place is a very real one and one that your council is determined to pursue.

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